Give your skin a boost with essential oil serums


Serum Essential Oil

We do not recommend using a night cream, but instead one of our serum oils with vitamins and plant extracts. That way you are letting the skin breathe and replenish itself while you are sleeping.

5 drops are applied in the evening and you can also apply 1-2 drops under your day cream.

Serum provides your skin with moisture and nourishment

Serum is a moisturizing and nourishing skin care product for the face. Serum oils make your skin healthier and provides a good balance which improves your skins resistance to negative environmental influences. Serum oils contains a higher concentration of organic ingredients, such as vitamin A and E, smooths and tightens the skin, as well as natural collagen which reduces and removes wrinkles.

Elisabeth Gierus has developed 6 different organic serums with different active ingredients, which meet the needs of different skin-types.

To achieve the best results, use a couple of drops on your skin before applying your regular day cream. Instead of a night-cream, 5 drops of serum can be massaged into the skin before going to bed. Your skin will replenish itself during the hours of sleep, and the application of serum before bed will leave your skin subtler and more resistant in the morning.

How to apply

  1. Always cleanse the skin before applying your serum – that way the ingredients are more easily absorbed into the skin.
  2. Avoid using the serum close to the eyes
  3. Allow the skin time to take in the serum before you apply your day cream
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