Organic Skin Care


Developed and produced in Denmark by Elisabeth Gierus Skincare



Developed and produced in Denmark by Elisabeth Gierus Skincare


Elisabeth Gierus Skincare is organic skincare, developed and produced in Denmark. The woman behind the brand is cosmetologist and makeup artist, Elisabeth Gierus, who specializes in natural ingredients that can help us rebuild or maintain healthy and beautiful skin.


Tailor made organic skincare

Based on her own experience with impure skin and later skin cancer, Elisabeth Gierus has developed a tailor made skin care series based on pure ecology. All of the range’s products are carefully composed of high-quality ingredients that are free of parabens and other harmful additives. After more than 15 years of experience experimenting and creating organic skincare, she has achieved brilliant results with her product line.

Visible results in no time

Impure skin, pigmentation, eczema and skin cancer. The way to a healthy and natural skin is for Elisabeth Gierus to take good care of it. Although your skin is irritated or damaged, it is actually possible to rebuild it by following a skincare program and guidance on applying products to your skin properly.

When using Elisabeth Gierus Skincare products, you will quickly see a visible change. Your skin starts to get rid of all the chemical waste that is deposited in the skin. After 2-4 weeks of organic skin care from Elisabeth Gierus Skincare, your skin will return to its natural state with renewed glow.

Made in Denmark – natural ingredients

Elisabeth Gierus Skincare is guaranteed to be made in Denmark. This means that all products and packaging are developed and produced in Denmark. Some of the ingredients in our creams are so exotic that they are sourced from around the world, but otherwise, we minimize the environment by keeping production in Denmark.

As something special, some of the tailor-made creams are handmade according to old methods, which of course go according to sterile and safe conditions. Since Elisabeth Gierus Skincare skincare does not contain artificial preservatives, the products should preferably be used within three months. In return, you are guaranteed that your skin will receive the best and purest organic skincare from nature’s treasury.

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