About Elisabeth Gierus Skincare

Tailormade skincare

Elisabeth Gierus Skincare is an organic skincare range developed and made in Denmark. The woman behind, cosmetologist and makeup artist Elisabeth Gierus, specialises in how our skin can benefit from natural ingredients and help us to keep our skin beautiful and healthy.

Built on her own experiences with acne and later skin cancer, she has developed a tailormade skincare series based purely on organic ingredients. All products are thoughtfully made from high quality ingredients and contains neither parabens or harmful chemicals.

Quick visible results

Acne, skin pigmentation changes, eczema and skin cancer. The key to natural, healthy skin is all about taking good care of it. Regardless if the skin is irritated or damaged it is possible to rebuild it by undertaking a skin treatment routine and with the right guidance in how to use the products correctly.

When using the products from Elisabeth Gierus, you can expect to get quick visible results. Your skin will start to get rid of all toxic chemicals deposited on the skin. After 2-4 weeks with Elisabeth Gierus Skincare your skin will have restored its natural state and present revived glow.

Facts about Elisabeth Gierus Skincare

  • Elisabeth Gierus Skincare is a Danish organic skincare range with products made entirely from nature’s own ingredients.
  • The range consist of 38 products which are all developed personally by Elisabeth Gierus.
  • In 2011 Denmark’s first customised day cream, Elisabeth Gierus Customised Day Cream – was launched. It is developed to fit the needs of each person based on the results of an extensive questionnaire.
  • Elisabeth Gierus Skincare has been a ‘’Danish Beauty Award’ nominee in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2012.
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