Chocolate is also healthy for the skin

Elisabeth Gierus has developed a brand new and exciting skincare series, Cremé de la Cremé Chocolat. This divine crop has been valued as gold and a gift from the gods, since the beginning of time and still today chocolate is perceived by many as a small miracle. The good news for chocolate lovers is that chocolate is also good for the skin.

What organic cocoa beans do to your skin.

The cocoa bean is loaded with antioxidants, protecting the skin and body against negative environmental impact from harmful free radicals.

Elisabeth Gierus Skincare has sourced and used the best and gently processed organic cocoa beans and chocolate extract in her new skincare range Cremé de la Cremé Chocolat resulting in a fantastic cream with great texture. It will revitalise your skin leaving it silky and smooth.

We guarantee that our skincare products are paraben free, organic and produced without use of artificial ingredients – just pure natural beauty.

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