When treating your skin with a good face mask you can prevent and avoid acne, dry or oily skin.



Elisabeth Gierus Skincare has made a number of natural face masks that refresh and recharge your skin with organic ingredients. We ensure the best quality in our masks, all of which have been developed and produced in Denmark.

How to mix the face masks

We offer two minerals from the Mediterranean Sea, both should be mixed with a skin tonic fitting you skin type or with spring water.

The skin tonic and the mineral should be mixed right before the mask is applied, which is how we can offer a mask without preservatives.

Mix the two minerals with 1 teaspoon of skin tonic or spring water in a small bowl. Apply the mask over the entire face, apart from the lips and the eye area. Leave it for around 10 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water.


Apply a nourishing serum oil and a face cream for your skin type right after.

Tips – a cleansing, stimulating and refreshing bath.
Add a small handful of the minerals when filling up your bathtub that clears and soften your skin.

Our organic skincare products are paraben free and produced without use of artificial ingredients.

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